Lonestar In The City

Alexis New York Fashion Blog-16It’s funny how life can take you places you never imagined possible, opening up doors and opportunities you never imagined actually obtaining. Ever since my move to New York last year, that’s exactly how I’ve felt.

To those of you who are from New York, welcome. To those of you from the land I love, I say “Howdy Y’aaallll!!” Since, you know, that’s how you speak if you’re from Texas; it’s kind of just the norm. We also all ride horses and wear cowboy hats daily. New York has been good to me and my bestie -whom I also call boyfriend- and we couldn’t be happier exploring this city together. Although I moved here with someone special I’d still say don’t be afraid to succumb to wanderlust solo; life is short, and I hate to say it, but YO to the LO.

After graduating from college, I decided to take a leap and pursue a fashion styling career in New York. Bold, yes. Scary, yes. Stupid, some have said so. But I couldn’t be happier, and excited for my continued journey in the city.

Lonestarinthecity is just about my life and what I do while I live it. If you’re into that then saddle up and stick around. Expect to see me in my fav looks throughout the city, obnoxious posts about what I’m eating (both good and bad), and long rants about the best/worst beauty products and trends . Oh yes, this is going to be fun.

There’s a way to get through this city without losing where you came from, and I plan to show you that and more. New York ain’t got nothing on a Lone Star Girl.

Later Ya’ll


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