How A Trip To A Devachan Salon Saved My Curls

After visiting a Devachan Salon earlier this year, it’s literally impossible for me to imagine going anywhere else. No lump sum of cash could get me to step my healthy-head of curls into a “basic”salon. When I say nothing, I mean nothing. Not even a lifetime supply of green tea matcha, and that right there is life ya’ll.

For years I grew up going to “basic” salons, getting “basic” haircuts, using “basic” products, and it doing it all wrong. When I say basic I mean basic. There weren’t any salons that specialized in cutting and treating curly hair, it was either this “basic” type of hair care salon over here, or this salon over here for African American hair. There wasn’t anything for just curly hair types of all curls and textures. Growing up biracial, my hair was different from everyone else around me. It was the combination of African American and Mexican hair, which in turn created my thick, tight curls. My mom (bless her heart) did what she could with my hair, but she never had to work with a texture like mine before.

She styled it in the cutest hairstyles and had me rocking box and dutch braids before they were cool. There wasn’t a shortage in hair styles, but the products, hair care techniques, and hair cuts were all wrong. I didn’t know how to embrace my curls because I was never shown how. It wasn’t until I got to college and the school of Youtube rolled around that I was able to start to try and figure it out. But even then I was doing it all wrong. I was still using the wrong products, putting heat daily on my hair, getting the wrong haircuts, and chemically straightening/damaging my hair. The extent of damage I was putting my hair through then wasn’t on my radar.

My hair before my Devachan Salon visit, while still using heat daily and straightening my hair pretty much every week.

When I graduated and moved to NYC last summer, I decided it was now or never. I would embrace my curls and properly educate myself on how to. One of the many things that made me fall in love with this city was seeing so many different woman embracing their curls. From all fro’d out to curls just defying gravity, it was beautiful, and made me want to take control of my hair again, and get my curls back. Growing up in Texas I’d never really seen that. It was all about the blow out and straight hair. Walking around New York was a constant silent push to embrace my own curls.

One of the many things that made me fall in love with this city was to see so many different woman embracing their curls.

Back in Dallas I had read so many positive things about Devcahan salons. They didn’t have any salons in Dallas, but did have trained Devachan stylist’s who worked in Dallas. I never got to make a visit to one of them so I made it a point to go when I got to New York.

The moment I walked in to the salon, a sense of relief swooped through me. I felt like all my curl woes were about to be answered. It was like my curly fairy godmother was about to solve all my hair problems. My fairy godmother for the day was Nevila, a Senior Level Stylist at their Soho Broome Street location. She asked me the usual questions about my hair, like what was I wanting to achieve, and questions about my hair history.What happened next was when I realized Devachan was truly magical.

The moment I walked in, a sense of relief swooped through me. I felt like all my curl woes were about to be answered.

Nevila then broke down  what I was about to expect and began to educate me on curly hair cutting techniques. I had no idea curly hair cutting techniques was even a thing. She moved on to tell me that she’d be cutting my curls dry that day and that blew my mind. For years I’d been getting my curls cut while wet, and this was all wrong? I’d never experienced this at any salon before.


Nevila explained that when you cut your curls wet you aren’t seeing the curl in its actual state, creating a cut that isn’t accurate. Curls when wet are weighed down, and after drying bounce up to their actual length. Cutting your hair dry allows for the hairstylist to cut your hair in it’s actual length, delivering you a better cut and the best results. No brainer huh? Well just like you, I’d been allowing people to do it the “basic” way all my life, so I was in shock.

What happened next was when I realized Devachan was truly magical.

As she cut each curly individually she asked my opinion on length, shape and volume. Talking me through each and every clip. I felt like I was apart of my own haircut, watching her cut each curl individually was like watching art being made. It was liberating to see my curls take form right in front of me, and in the end it made me appreciate it more. Normally hairstylists talk to you just to feel the air, but at Devachan they’re educating, answering questions and offering tips and suggestions the entire time. They genuinely-100%, whole heartily care about curls.


It was liberating to see my curls take form right in front of me, and in the end it made me appreciate it more.

After she was done, I instantly saw the difference. My hair had more volume to it, and I could see more shape. It was still weird to see my hair dry but I went with it. After my brief freak out of how awesome my hair looked, I was taken to their private shampoo area to have my hair washed and ready for styling. Most salons have a little section in the back or middle, of wash bowls and chairs. Not at Devachan, come on now what’d  you expect? The shampoo area is closed off with individual curtains giving you privacy while you get your hair washed. My hair wash was just as educational and informative as my haircut. She broke down what products she was using, and why those products worked best for my type of curl and texture.

From there I moved on to get my freshly washed curls styled to perfection. At Devachan they recommend styling your hair when it’s really wet, and styling your products with your head tilted down. They run products from roots to ends and slowly tilt your head up to not disturb any curls. Then your curls are clipped with their curl clips and placed under a dryer for about 15-30 minutes. They strategically clip at the crown area to create volume and lift.

For the final step they removed all clips and gently shook my hair down while adding a few spritz of their Set it Free Spray. Nevila then returned and talked to me about my final results. She wanted to make sure I was in love with my hair, and I was! I walked out of there feeling refreshed, and my curls felt revived and alive. I’d never felt that way about my natural hair after leaving a salon, if I left with my hair curly I always felt uncomfortable and embarrassed. Leaving the Devachan experience was one of a kind and made me feel like a new person. I left beyond confident, and most definitely annoyed everyone I came in contact with that day about my hair.

My hair today with volume, definition and healthy curls!

I can’t wait to go back for my second hair cut, and color! I know that with Devachan, and Devacurl products that my hair length, strength in my curl pattern and hair health will continue to improve! I highly recommend anyone trying to embrace their curls, and embark on a journey to healthier curls, to book an appointment at a Devchan salon. Or with a trained Devachan trained stylist in your area. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed and that you’ll never look back on the decision to do Devachan and stop doing “basic” salons. Be prepared to have a major Beyonce- feeling myself moment. Like MAJOR.

You can go here to book an appointment at Devachan Locations, and go here to find a Devahcan trained stylist in your area.

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