8 Fall Staples You Need In Your Closet Now

The leaves are falling and temperatures are slowly dropping, and that means your fall wardrobe can finally come out of hiding. As much as I love the endless nights that come with summer, I love fall coats and layering a wee bit more. Okay about a billion x (infinity) more.

To make sure your closet is as fall ready as your heart is, I’ve prepared this shopping guide for the perfect leaf falling, pumpkin spice drinking season. Take on fall like it’s nobody’s business with these closet staples.

1. Over the Knee Boots

Nothing gets better than a great pair of over the knee boots. Instantly slimming and always flattering, they add instant flair and sexiness to any outfit. I’m really loving suede and crushed velvet over the knee boots right now, and with tie/lace up details.

2. Everyday Fall Jacket

With the weather dropping you don’t quite need a winter coat, but still do need a jacket. Your going to need one that offer’s you some warmth, but doesn’t need to be as heavy as a winter coat. So think lighter fabrics such as polyester and cotton.

3. Draped Vest

I love layering for fall, it gives you so much room to play up an outfit. A draped vest is one of my favorite layering pieces to use and add’s instant style flair while also adding a bit of warmth.

4. Heather Grey Sweater

Something about heather grey just always screams fall to me. I especially love a good heather grey turtleneck. Find one that’s just the right amount of sheer so you’re not sweating buckets.

5. Carry All Tote

Summer to me is all about the backpack action, but for fall I like to get a little more sophisticated, and opt for a tote. Maybe it’s the over the knee boots that do it to me.

6. Suede Mini Skirt

You probably wore your suede skirt to the death in spring, and occasionally during summer with lace up sandals and sneakers. Well it’s still going to get good use in fall. Pairing it with tights, or over the knee boots has you ready fall ready.

7. Ankle Boots

Everyone needs a great pair of ankle boots. Or several if you’re obsessed like me. You can easily throw them on with any outfit, and make for an instant outfit fix. When in doubt throw on an ankle boot. I love velvet and suede ankle boots, and details like metallic mirrored or clear heels.

8. Leather or Suede Pants

Textured pants like leather or suede for fall are everything, and I’d literally wear them year round if deemed normal. They pair great with over the knee boots and ankle boots and sneakers and- yea pretty much everything. You get the picture.

There you have it, your shopping guide to fall perfection!

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