Patchwork Denim Under $100 Your Closet Will Thank You For

Patchwork denim is one of the major trends right now in denim that we’re seeing all around the city and on celebs. It’s a early 2000 trend nightmare, but has graced us in 2016 with only good vibes. Think back to 2001 at the MTV VMA’S when Justin and Britney haunted the red carpet with their full denim on denim patchwork ensemble. You’re allowed a moment to just reflect on that.


It was the fashion no-no everyone was talking about, and still does. But guess what? Patchwork is back in. Let’s not get it twisted though-their outfit was, and still is scary. That’s not your go ahead to repeat all over denim patchwork like that. Ever. That being said, patchwork is one of my favorite denim trends right now and is a must for fall 2016.

There are so many different ways you can wear this trend, and it doesn’t stop with just jeans. You can try patchwork denim with a top, jacket, shirt,bag…endless possibilities. Check out the pictures below for options all under $100!

ASOS Patchwork Jeans $64
Nasty Gal Jeans $98
Topshop Mom Jeans $80
Missguided Patchwork Matching Set $34
ASOS Patchwork Mini Shift Dress $55
Sheinside Denim Skirt $6.80
ASOS Denim Patchwork Jacket $56
ASOS Loose Patchwork Jacket $97
Missguided Denim Patchwork Ankle Boots $68





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