I’ve Been DrinkingWatermelon; Why I Ditched Coconut Water For Watermelon Water

The coconut craze took a hold of us all, we were oil cleansing, oil pulling and eating a tablespoon a day. An obsession grew, and it grew quick af. I was apart of that crazed group and found myself spreading the word of the coconut to everyone who’d listen. My boyfriend could always count that I’d mix it into his meals, and he wasn’t a fan.When I discovered coconut water, I went coco-crazy. I was gulping that ish down like my life depended on it. But then it hit me. My eczema broke out like it never had before. So what did I do? I slathered and ingested even more coconut oil, I thought why not? It would only help not hurt. After countless articles I’d read I was convinced that there’d only be skin positive benefits of using it. It only continued to get worse. I finally decided to have an allergy test done to see what was going on, and surprisingly enough coconut oil was the culprit to my recent outbreaks. After telling the allergist that I’d been a coconut crazed user,she told me to cut it out and see if I noticed improvement. That was 6 months ago, and I’ve never looked back since.
Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 1.27.36 PM.png
So that left me with a massive void! What would take place of my sweet tasting coconut water? I couldn’t just go back to drinking basic water daily, I needed a little flavor here and there. Let a girl live a little!  That was bae all day err-day. Then one day my boyfriend came home with watermelon water and I said coconut who? The taste was sweeter, it was beyond refreshing and the bottle packaging was cute af. After falling in love at first sip, I knew I had to find out more about this magically delicious drink and see if the benefits were even better than my previous obsession. To my surprise it did. Watermelon water has 6x more the electrolytes than coconut water and delivers a higher amount of hydration and potassium than it’s counter part. The brand I fell in love with is made cold pressed to ensure you have the freshest and most refreshing drink every single time and has no added sugar! It’s literally just watermelon flesh, watermelon rind & organic lemon. Yummy. I love knowing that what I’m putting into my body isn’t made of of a bunch of ingredients I can’t pronounce or have never heard of.
It of course has natural sugars but it still holds up better than drinks like OJ which have 45% more natural sugar than watermelon water. Ewww OJ why you gotta be so sugary though? It’s also packed with tons of Vitamin C antioxidant goodness, that delivers so many benefits to your skin. Supermodels heavily promoted coconut water for it’s skin beautifying benefits, but watermelon water contains 60% more Vitamin C than coconut water which contains only 4%. Yea, I’ll take the Beyonce drink please.The benefits of Vitamin C for your skin are beyond amazing and you’re literally drinking your way to more radiant skin. It’s not to say that watermelon water will solve all your skin woes- but it’s better than reaching for a sugar filled beverage any day. I personally noticed more overall skin health and a natural glow after just a week of drinking 2-3 bottles of watermelon water daily. Watermelon
Watermelon water also contains lycopene which is beneficial for cardiovascular health and bone health, and it’s super important to make sure you’re giving your body nutrients to improve and nourish it. What I fell in love with most was how drinking a bottle of watermelon water before-during- and after a workout, helped fuel my body with energy and hydration. You know how athletes gulp down Gatorade? Well they might want to replace it with watermelon water. It delivers more electrolytes and contains tons of L-citrulline, an amino acid that helps your muscles repair and recover, which let’s be honest we all need that after a 40 min go at the gym. Even my boyfriend was begging for a sip or two instead of his regular drink, but I wasn’t sharing.
So even if you’re not allergic to coconuts like I am, there are more reasons to drink watermelon water instead of coconut water. Do yourself and skin a huge favor and start sipping on that watermelon. After all if Queen B does it, so should you. Read more about the benefits of watermelon water here . Also check out the hot pink pop up store in SOHO if you’re in New York, but you can also order online or find them in your local stores!

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