Skincare Review: Raw Sugar Living

Less is always more, and this rule couldn’t be as important when it comes to your skincare. Keeping it simple has become the new beauty standard as more and more people are opting for products with fewer ingredients that they can pronounce and recognize. There are countless ingredients in most common skincare products that do us more harm than good, and are so easily mixed in that we may not even notice at times. Having super sensitive skin has led me to be super pre-cautious and picky when it comes to what does and doesn’t go on my skin.



A dermatologist once told me never to use any skincare products that had over fifteen ingredients. At first I was confused AF, and thought why would there be more than fifteen ingredients in a skincare product. But to my surprise most of the products I was using at the time had well over 30. So it was really difficult to do, but once I figured out my allergies and became familiar with good and bad ingredients, I was able to stick to it. I’ve kept true to this rule of thumb and have found it actually weeds out some pretty bad-for my skin products. If you think about it, why would you want to load so many ingredients onto your skin? The same way you wouldn’t eat something with a spread sheet of ingredients, why put a product like that onto your skin. I’ve seen popular and super common skincare products have up to 30+ingredients. Thats crazy.

In a world of “healthy” and good for you skin care products, it can be super hard to weed out the winners from the dud’s, so whenever I find a brand of products that I feel would be beneficial to my skin I have to try them out. I was super excited to come across a brand that actually checked a lot of positives off my list, ingredients that I could pronounce, recognized and that were not a spread sheet long.

Raw Sugar uses ingredients that are not only good for your skin, but their products benefit those in need. For every product purchased through them a bar of soap is provided to a person in need. How awesome it that? All their products are eco-friendly, organic and cruelty free which is super important if you’re Vegan like I am.


I was sent over an item from each of their categories, bar soap, body scrubs, body wash, hand wash, and some of their body butters! My first impression ( and that of my boyfriend and friend visiting for the weekend) was how amazing everything smelt! Yummy. You seriously cannot find better smelling natural products. Since I’m allergic to fragrance, I was a little concerned but since their products are made from natural forming fragrance’s I decided to give them a try. So far so good. Natural fragrances can still be irritating to some people so patch test first like I did before going all over with it. Wait 48 hours to be safe.


Bottom line is I love their products! From their brand message, down to their packaging. The bottle caps are made from natural bamboo and you can’t help feel your bathroom transform into a botanical spa. I have scarring on my legs from a horrible eczema outbreak from almost two years ago, and literally love using scrubs and body masks to help alleviate the hyper pigmentation and promote healthier skin.  Using body scrubs regularly, about 2-3 times a week can help with scars and in general help your skin be more radiant. Most scrubs that  people rant about, I’m allergic to, so luckily Raw Sugar has a scrub that’s free of Coconut Oil! It sucks being allergic to one of the most popular beauty ingredients at the moment, but that’s life. If you’re allergic to coconut like I am, and haven’t been able to find a scrub sans- coconut, then you NEED to give the Matcha Green Tea Scrub by Raw a go. My skin felt baby amazing and was baby smooth and glowing instantly after. I used the scrub one my left side only to see if there was difference or not, and needless to say there was.


All their product are also made using a Cold Pressed Technology. Incase your probably wondering why that’s so amazing, heres why. Just as cold pressed drinks, and cold pressed oils are high on demand, it’s because cold pressed allows you extract the highest potency of live enzymes and fresh nutrients from fruits or vegetable. So by creating a full line of cold pressed beauty products you are actually getting the best nutrients and heath benefits for your skin. Pretty awesome.



I love Raw Sugar products and can’t wait to see if my skin improvement in radiance and overall skin health. It’s amazing what using truly good products can do to your skin. You can follow here  to shop their site, and also find them at Target.









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