Best Makeup Brands For Super Sensitive Skin

Let’s be honest, makeup brands are generally geared more towards woman with normal skin, and by normal I mean skin that doesn’t react to a hint of fragrance, dye or mineral oil. It can be hard to find something as simple as a lip gloss that doesn’t leave you feeling like all hope is lost. I’ve dealt with settling for horrible color matches in exchange for being free of irritation and damage to my skin. But enough is enough. After years of suffering from eczema prone skin, I’ve found some holy grail brands.

When you’re allergic to most ingredients like I am, it’s good to start with finding out exactly what you’re allergic to and avoiding those in your makeup products. I jumped on the coconut oil band wagon a few years back, and thought I was choosing makeup products that would help my skin. I was using blush with coconut oil, and lip cream’s with coconut oil, foundation mixed with coconut oil, you get the picture. After doing my allergy test last year, I found out I was allergic to coconut oil! It made complete sense because I noticed an increase in my eczema breakouts on my face, and once I eliminated this from my beauty products I cleared up. Just because you see Youtubers and social media influencers swearing by a certain “natural” product, such as coconut oil, it doesn’t mean your skin type will accept it. You can read more about other ingredients to look out for with sensitive skin here and read about how to avoid Pinterest beauty DIY disasters here.

All brands listed are ones I swear by and have personally had positive experiences with and no reactions to what-so ever. However ,it’s up to you to decide if a product will work for you or not. I always recommend patch testing a product on a small area of skin, like  your wrist, or the back of your neck. If after 24-48 hours you see no reaction/itching/irritation/redness to that area then go ahead and use the product. Still remain mindful if you feel any changes, then discontinue use ASAP as it can take up to 48 hours or sometimes longer to develop a reaction.

Cover FX 


This Canadian based company was founded on the idea of offering full natural coverage for people with very serious skin conditions and super sensitive skin. Free of the Inflammatory 5: parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc the brand is literally perfectly created with every skin type in mind. Cover FX formulas were developed under the supervision of dermatologists and clinically tested, and their products offer 40 shade ranges so anyone can literally find their best match. They are also vegan and cruelty free which is a huge plus for me. They have a full range of foundations, concealers, highlighters, bronzers, primers and skincare products. I love their custom cover drops, custom enhancer drops, their natural oil-free foundation and their anti-aging primer. I swear by their products for my foundation base and choice in concealers because I know that my skin is protected and won’t experience any irritation whatsoever.

Jane Iredale

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 9.10.48 PM.png

One of the first makeup brands I discovered after developing severe reactions to most popular cosmetic brands was Jane Iredale. This brand is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, and was made for makeup users who still want to experience all the fun that goes into playing with makeup, while not irritating their sensitive skin in the process. Jane Iredale worked as a makeup artist in television and film and saw countless actress’s and models experience reactions and lose confidence in themselves while struggling with reactions due to sensitive skin. She sought out to create a brand that would allow these woman to still feel beautiful in their own skin and confident in their makeup choice. I love Jane Iredale because her blushes and eye colors are never irritating and have allowed me to play with colors while not causing my eczema to flare.



I came across this vegan and cruelty free brand through a makeup tutorial post on Pinterest. It was a post about a step to step process of an actress getting her makeup done with all Vegan and natural products for an award show, and her makeup looked flawless! Even better than regular heavy duty coverage brands commonly used out there. I immediately ordered the exact foundation and still love to play around with it to this day. All their foundations and blushes offer SPF 20 and eye shadows offer SPF 15 while providing a natural looking coverage focusing on protecting the skin against sun damage and skin cancer. Developed for woman who had experienced severe lase treatments, the creator of Illuminare made the first liquid mineral makeup to be gentle for the most sensitive of skin. I love their concealing mineral foundation and their cream eye shadows, especially in the summer.

Alima Pure


After a horrible eczema outbreak in 2010 on my face, I had lost sight for makeup. I was wearing Bare Minerals, a makeup brand that at the time I thought would help my skin, and not create more issues. However Bare Minerals and a lot of Mineral and Regular cosmetics contain Bismuth Oxychloride. This ingredient can be damaging and irritating for those with sensitive skin, and regular skin in general. So after eliminating this from makeup products I chose to use, I came across Alima Pure and fell in love. They have a wide range of 45 shades for foundation mineral makeup, and don’t appear ashy or dry as some mineral makeup brands can. Your skin will look like your skin but better with Alima Pure. Their loose mineral foundations, blushes, concealers, highlighters, finishing powders and bronzers contain no more than 4 ingredients, and are bismuth free, nut free, gluten free and vegan. They also newly introduced liquid and cream products that are great options if you prefer a liquid base. I swear by their loose Satin Matte Eyeshadows and Loose Satin Matte Blush’s!

VMV Hypoallergenics


I hadn’t been able to wear a lip color in years without experiencing itching and irritation around my lip area until coming across this brand. I honestly can’t even place my finger on when and how I came across them, but I’m just happy that I did. Look on the back of any lipstick, lipgloss or lip product, and you’ll most likely see something like RED LAKE 30, or BLUE 75 . Yup those are dyes, and I’m allergic AF to them. If you’re allergic to dyes then this will be your holy grail brand when it comes to lip products. I haven’t had a chance to play around with any other products from this brand, but I definitely would like to. So as of now I’m vouching for their lip products but I’m pretty sure everything else they have to offer is equally amazing. Validated Hypoallergenic, this brand is free of all 76 common allergens, 100% Fragrance-Free, 100% Free of Dyes, Allergenic Surfactants, Phthalates, Parabens + Preservatives. Usage + Patch-Tested and Non-Comedogenic. They also offer customizable products based on what your allergens are. How amazing is that? Literally can’t wait to experience more from this unique brand.

There you go guys! Hope you enjoyed and hope this helps you with your search for the right makeup products for your sensitive skin! Take the fear out of breaking out and reacting, and learn to love makeup again. I know you will with all the brands I listed!

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