Curly Girl Holiday Gift Guide


It’s gift giving season, and what better way to show the curly hair girl in your life how much you care about her-and her locks, with the best of the best for curly hair. Shop this curly hair guide that includes a dope shirt she’ll rock all year and tons of moisturizing goodies to keep those curls on point.

Help your curly girl get those curls off to a great start, with the no-poo method from Devacurl. This set includes their original no-poo wash and conditioner, along with their popular microfiber towel.
On non-wash days gift her this Revitalizing spray for gorgeous curls for days and days. Her curls will look and feel like first day hair.


Detangling in the shower, and applying deep conditioner is made easier with  these clips from Dry Bar to help separate and hold hair in place. 
Every curl girl needs a microfiber towel in her life, so upgrade her life with this one from Devacurl. She can finally ditch that basic cotton-shirt she’s been using.
For intense moisture she can count on, and beautiful locks she’ll want to flip back and forth. This deep condition treatment is it.
Air drying? Ain’t nobody got time for that. This universal devafuser head attaches to any blow dryer, and delivers 360 drying to target each curl strand for quicker and frizz-free drying.
Dear Naturalista is a brand for natural hair woman, and they defiantly preach the truth. Gift her a fun graphic t-shirt like this one and let her know you understand.
Tease those curls to the God’s and create volume that defies gravity. Thats every curly girls goal in life. With this pick she’ll make it happen.
Give her fingers a break from detangling, and give her this beautiful tortosieshell comb. Made for the thickets and coarsest of hair, it’ll easily detangle her curls.
For nights where she wants an intense deep repairing masque for her curls , she’ll be happy you got her this one from Shea Moisture. After all a curly girl can never have too many deep conditioners.
These root lifting clips from Devacurl are all she’ll need to create that extra effortless volume and definition.
For days where she’s not washing those curls , let her cover her curls like the queen she is with this extravagant shower cap from Dry Divas.
Take the stress out of mixing her own ACV rinse, and gift her this one instead. This mix creates a healthy scalp that will lead to even healthier curls.
Help her to hydrate and define her curls even more, with her own personal hair steamer. This one is a plus because it also comes with a mini facial steamer. Spa day err-day.

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