How To Do A Natural Brow Look

It seems we can’t escape the constant pressure to have brows on fleek. With beauty trends there’s always one feature we focus on, and it’s safe to say that lately it’s been the brows.

Instagram models, and beauty bloggers have popularized the “Instagram” brow, and thanks to that we see it everywhere. This look is less about looking natural and more about creating the “perfect” shape brow. It’s full, dramatic, overly filled in, and comes across as drag like-because it actually is. To create this look people are using techniques that Drag Queens use to achieve the illusion of a fuller, arched brow. Sure, it shows up great in selfies and on youtube videos, but in person it’s just too much. If you ask any professional makeup artist about the Instagram brow, watch them cringe.

But recently there’s been a divide between #teamnaturalbrow and #browsonfleek. The decision is totally up to you, but personally I’m team natural brow all day. A makeup artist once told me that makeup should be used to enhance, not recreate. I’ve tried to keep that solid piece of adivce and follow through with it when applying my makeup.

I started using the GreatShape Eyebrow Kit from Jane Iredale, and my brow game’s  changed for the better. It’s my new secret weapon for achieving a natural brow look.

The kit comes with a wax that helps to lock and set your brow hairs in place, creating a perfect shape all day. It comes with a brow powder in your color of choice, and has a eye brow brush too. I love using their PureBrow tinted brow gel  in Brunette to finish off the look, and on days where I don’t really want to fill them in I use the gel on it’s own. This brow look is super natural and easy to achieve. You’ll  have flawless natural brows, in no time . Check out the pictorial below on how to achieve the natural brow look with just three products.


First, brush up your brows using the spoolie end of your angled brow brush



Take the angled brush and lightly tap it into the brow wax, stroking it on your brows, following the natural shape of your brow to lock down a clean shape.



Next lightly dip the angled brush into the brow powder, tapping off any excess product.



Begin filling in your brows at the outer tip of your brow, lightly working your way towards the front using short upward motions. The least amount of brow powder should be used towards the front of your brow.



Work your way with light strokes, through the rest of your brow. Be sure to stop and access the look of your brow as you’re filling in.



Finish by brushing your brows up with the spoolie end of the eyebrow brush, to evenly distribute the color. Fill in more if needed and gently re-brush up. P.S. If you like the henna I have on, you can get it here🙂



Set your brows in place with the brow gel , or skip this step if you feel it’s not needed. Lightly brush up with the brow gel to gift a soft lifted look.



Admire your naturally enhanced brows!




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