If You Read One Article About Curly Hair Masks, This Should Be It

I’m so lucky and happy to be apart of the Devacurl family, and beyond thankful every time a box of goodies arrives at my door step. They recently sent me their two newest treatment products, that do MAGIC to your curls!

Melt into Moisture and Deep Sea Repair are going to be your new go-to for when you’re curls are in need of a little extra TLC . You can toss out any and all other hair masks that you currently use, and don’t even think about making anymore DIY treatments, because this right here-oh! This right here IS IT my curl friends. It’s exactly what the curl doctor ordered.

I honestly never felt the need to do use a hair mask for my curls, until my hair started to go through a weird phase earlier on this year. My curls weren’t dry after I combated all the chemical damage done to my hair in previous years, but 2017 was like hey- here’s dry -brittle curls again.

I’m not really sure what it was exactly that made my curls start to become dry, it could be a multitude of things really, but I think it was mostly my curls adapting to the NYC harsh winters. Not sure if anyone else thinks this too, but I also feel like it’s the water in NYC. In Texas I never felt like my hair was just dry immediately after washing it, like right after being sopping wet, it was dry. I experience that only here in NYC and it’s the strangest thing to me. Might be investing in a shower head filter. Basically these new masks couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

The masks serve for different treatments that your curls are in need of. Every curly girl knows that our curls are need help due to these two things: lack of moisture, and damage due to heat/chemicals. So having two masks that combat these two main concerns are perfection. **Both products are also Vegan and Cruelty free, and 100% free of  sulfate, silicone and parabens**

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 9.03.01 PM.png

Melt Into Moisture is for you if you’re in need of moisture to revive dry curls. How deep of a treatment depends on you and your needs. The packaging it comes in has directions on how to use the mask and suggests 3 different ways you can use it. Not to mention matcha lovers can rejoice because this sea green gem has matcha butter! It literally looks as good as it feels and smells, it’s almost too pretty to just sit in your beauty cabinet. But more the reason you’ll be excited to use it every week.

So you can….

  • Leave it on for 3 min for a quick boost of moisture and rinse off.
  • Leave it on for 15 min and put a shower cap or plastic bag over your curls, adding heat if wanted with a hair drier.
  • Leave it on as an overnight hair mask and rinse off in the am.

The first time I used it I left the mask on for 3 min for a quick boost of moisture and noticed a slight difference in my curls. They were bouncier after applying all my products and felt a little less dry but not as moisturized as I was hoping for.

So the next time I decided to leave it on as an overnight mask, I figured if this didn’t work on my curls then the mask maybe wasn’t for me, but THIS WAS LIFE for my curls.

I was nervous that my hair might still feel dry, but I was pleasantly surprised at how intense the mask moisturized my curls. You know when you’re rinsing off a conditioning product and can still feel tangles, and get annoyed because you’re having to do work that it should’ve done-yea this wasn’t that. My hair was literally silk, like it freaked me out a little. I barely had to finger detangle at all. I repeat barely.  The second I ran my hair under water, I prepared to start the detangle process-it’s a mental process for sure, but was shocked when all I had to do was run my fingers through my hair a few times, without tugging and pulling.  I assume a normal person experiences this in the shower- however this isn’t typical at all for curly girl shower standards.  It was amazing.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 9.03.51 PM

Deep sea Repair is for you when your curls are in need of repairing any damage done to from heating tools/heat, chemical treatments, or any extra wear and tear that’s left your curls not so happy. For this mask they suggest using it in one way.

  • Leave it on for 15-20 minutes applying it in sections all over your hair after cleaning your hair
  • You can apply it and leave it on as is, or put on a shower cap, plastic bag, or towel to generate heat.
  • Do not leave on overnight, rinse off and go about with your styling products.

I had the EXACT same effect on my curls. Until I used this I didn’t realize that my curls were not as strong as I thought they were. I honestly thought I didn’t need this mask because I don;t use heat on my curls with straighteners or blowing out my hair, but I actually do use heat. I sometimes diffuse my hair on a medium-high setting when I want a lot of volume or I’m in a rush and don’t have time to air, dry- because ain’t no curly girl got time for that. So I was like-oh snap sis you do need this mask.

I decided to apply this and put a plastic bag over my hair, if I had a shower cap or better hair towel I would do that, but I didn’t so that’s why I chose the bag option. Giving it a go was a wise decision on my end because it whipped my curls into even better shape, and leaves me looking forward to my weekly washes. My curls keep getting healthier and stronger and the end result is luscious-soft curls, that I can’t stop getting compliments on.

On their website they have instructions on how you can also mix both masks together for an intense treatment, which I haven’t tried yet, but will update you guys once I do.

Please do yourself a solid by adding these mask’s into your curly hair collection of products, and you’ll find yourself spending less time detangling and more time admiring how soft and hydrated your curls were always meant to be. These two product’s are everything you were searching for but never knew existed, until now.



Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and is based on my actual experience and opinion.

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